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address: no.2 kai xuan road, economic development zones, yixing. jiangsu
zip code: 214213
tel: ( 86)0510--87868788 (general manager)
fax:( 86)0510-- 87868666 (general manager)
sales department: ( 86)0510-87868888
fax: ( 86)0510-87868555
international marketing: ( 86) 0510-87868678
fax:( 86) 0510-87821668
website: www.cnhendry.com



    in hendry,all of our culture is based on integrity,which is regarded as a core value of whole company.more sepcifically,integrity is treated as soul and cornerstone of corporate development.at the same time,it also became the useful criteria for corporation to gain success and make value judgments.

    the essence of integrity culture:this culture could enhance internal cohesion in company and integrate internal and external resournal resources by the coordination of all relationship,which jointly achieves personal values,corporate values??and social values.

    the characteristics of our culture:positive,honest,corporation,value creation


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